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Define Documentation

#define _c ( ths   )     (ths)->_class

the marco get the class of a object

Definition at line 34 of file mobject.h.

Referenced by ncsGetChildObj(), and ncsGetDlgCode().

#define _IM ( piobj,
...   )     (piobj)->_vtable->method(INTEFACE_ADJUST(piobj), ##__VA_ARGS__)

call the interface object

Definition at line 155 of file mobject.h.

Typedef Documentation

the Class initialize callback

cls - the class pointer to initialize
mObjectClass* - the initialized class pointer, equal param cls

Definition at line 172 of file mobject.h.

typedef void(* PCONSTRUCT_DWORD)(void *self, DWORD addData)

We support two kind of construct: one is the old construct, uses DWORD to pass the user params; the other is new construct, use the va_list to pass the params

mgncs don't known which construct of an object use, we just pass them by diffrent wrapper

the caller must known which wrapper should be used.

if you use the wrong wrapper, the system may be CRASH

Definition at line 184 of file mobject.h.

Function Documentation

static mObject* _initObject ( mObject pobj,
mObjectClass _class,
DWORD  param 
) [inline, static]

init an object with DWORD param

Definition at line 279 of file mobject.h.

static mObject* initObjectArgs ( mObject pobj,
mObjectClass _class,
) [inline, static]

init an object with va_list params first param is the construct param count

Definition at line 290 of file mobject.h.

Variable Documentation

the singleton of mObjectClass, represent a class object

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