_NCS_MAIN_CREATE_INFO Struct Reference
[Global Control function]

#include <mwidget.h>

Data Fields

Detailed Description

A struct wrap the NCS_CREATE_INFO

only allowed using in ncsCreateMainWindow Don't use it directly
See also:
NCS_CREATE_INFO, ncsCreateMainWindow , ncsCreateMainWindowIndirect

Definition at line 992 of file mwidget.h.

Field Documentation

const char* className

The class name of a mMainWnd or its child class

if className is NULL or an invalidate class name ncsCreateMainWindow and ncsCreateMainWindowIndirect use NCSCTRL_MAINWND replaced
See also:

Definition at line 1002 of file mwidget.h.

NCS_CREATE_INFO* create_info


Definition at line 1006 of file mwidget.h.

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